Give quicker response

Millennials expect quick responses, and deploying a chatbot can help you ensure that their simple questions are answered within minutes.

Reduce costs

A chatbot can handle multiple requests without sacrificing interaction quality. Having a bot engage with your applicants and students 24/7 can lead to cost savings on hiring a number of help desk professionals.

Help students to make better choices

Students are frequently concerned about making the best career choices.

Chatbots can help universities attract and engage students who are likely to be interested in the courses they offer. AI-powered chatbots can direct students to specific web pages, display course explain videos, and assist them in making sound decisions

Expedited Registration

A chatbot can answer basic enrollment questions like school size, residence availability, and fees via messenger or text message.

University chatbots

Chatbots for Higher Education are being powered all over the world. Now ChatBot will be used by over universities, colleges, and schools.

Automated course guide

Provide students with individualised support for your institute's courses. Instantly respond to queries about curriculum, subject credits, internship

opportunities, and duration, among other things.

4x students enrollment

Increase the speed of your enrollment procedure by a factor of ten! With the help of College Admission Bot, you can answer student questions 24 /7, and provide them with information on the campus, facilities, scholarships, and enrollment. Candidates can be directly added to your recruitment process by integrating the college chatbot with your CRM

Keep the Alumni Network Connected

Gather alumni information without having to submit tedious forms that students rarely fill out. Save the alumni information and access it whenever and wherever you want. The bot may also send invites and accept confirmations for alumni gatherings, lowering the effort on your workers

Automated Course Guide

Provide students with customised assistance for the courses offered by your institute. Resolve student inquiries concerning course content, topic credits, internship choices, and duration, among other things, in real time.