Co-Bot Model

Address customer concerns through a Human + Bot model. The bot handles initial queries.

Reduce Costs

Automate FAQs and customer service inquires reducing time needed from your customer service team.

Turn Visitors into Customers

Respond to customers within seconds by setting predefined rules for your keywords. Get fast replies from customers when you engage with them.

Fully secured

Security and safety are fully assured

We offer Powerfull features

Improve your brand experience and increase sales on your website with innovative methods.

Omnipresent Presence

Be it your Website, Whatsapp number or Facebook page, provide 24/7 multilingual support to your Customers. Help them with dilemmas, information about the products, orders and real time order tracking.

Give your Customer an Innnovative Product Discovery.

Boost Ecommerce sales up to 3x and improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns by captivating your visitors. Experience improved ROI owing to proactive marketing through a chatbot. Allow user to browse products in innnovative way.

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Special Features for

If your customers don’t like the product or have some issues like,

  • Change Address
  • Order invoice
  • Wish To Return (RTO)
  • Contact Real Human

Improve your eCommerce support with Chatbot for better customer service.