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Shopify Inc. It also serves as the name of the company's proprietary e-commerce platform for online businesses and retail point-of-sale systems.


WooCommerce is an open-source e-commerce plugin for WordPress. It is designed for small to large-sized online merchants using WordPress

Why you should add chatbots on your
E-commerce store

With the usage of chatbots in e-commerce, companies may now boost customer acquisition, retention, and loyalty. A wide range of AI chatbot use cases for e-commerce and social media platform integration offers up more opportunities for your online business.

Deploy a Chatbot to Your E-commerce Website?

  • Boosting client acquisition through social media
  • Ramping up conversions
  • lowering the rate of shopping cart departure
  • Greater consumer satisfaction
  • Enhanced customer loyalty
  • Make Payments Easy
  • Gather Reviews/Feedback After Checkout
  • Answer Customer Queries 24*7

They're Good for Making Personalized Suggestions

Chatbots are excellent for product recommendations and customisation. Chatbots may be readily programmed to propose relevant items and services to consumers who are already interested in a different set of products and services

Integrated Customer Support to Ensure a Delightful Experience

Customers may use a few keystrokes to speak with the bot, place an order, inquire about tracking status, or examine similar items. Automated live chat offers continuous quality service, up to 35% lower employee expenses, and brilliant ratings for your Ecommerce business around the web

Chatbot Can Help in the Recovery of Abandoned Carts

Abandoned carts are a regular phenomenon in each and every online store. You can't expect everyone who comes to your site to buy everything in their cart. Even if you gave the best pre-purchase experience possible, there is no assurance that a consumer will not leave you hangingW

Features You Would Love

Whatsapp chatbot has curated some cool features to help you enhance your customer support and automate lead generation.

Chatbot Model

Chatbot approach, respond to consumer issues. As the dialogue becomes more sophisticated, the bot answers the first requests, which are subsequently pursued further by humans. Create a bot for your business using simple spreadsheets

Embed Widgets and Webpages

Make the user experience easier by effortlessly inserting needed parts of your website or third-party widgets into your chat flow. Allow clients to get exactly what they need while conversing rather than forcing them to search the internet

450+ Software Integrations

Build software that talks with other Apps and Webhooks to easily automate your process. Simple integration aids in the streamlining of company operations.