Reduce Costs

Automate FAQs and customer service inquires reducing time needed from your customer service team.


Allow customers to book meeting 24/7 on the channels they prefer. Provide them with a real Omnichannel Experience.

24/7 Real-Time Responses

Address customer concerns through a Human + Bot model. The bot handles initial queries.

We offer Powerfull features

Improve your brand experience and increase sales on your website with innovative methods.

Generate Legal Documents

Chatbot to help you create legal documents, reports, and legal briefs. A bot chats with your client and gathers the required information before creating the document for you

Increase Lead Generation.

A chatbot usually opens a conversation that helps generate and qualify leads. Through real-time communication, the bot increases lead generation and resolves simple legal violations that people encounter every day.

Easy Access to Information

The technology combines both chatbots and CRM, so attorneys can easily locate the data for a related lawsuit. Chatbots can sift through a large volume of data to provide information like laws, regulations, or a similar case.