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Chatbot Templates

Appointment Booking Whatsapp chatbot

Easily schedule appointments on Whatsapp with this chatbot. Save time by delegating the tedious task

Lead Generation chatbot

Get more leads and boost user engagement with this chatbot!

Feedback Collection chatbot

The feedback bot makes every customer opinion count and has a variety of insights about how you can improve your product/service

Contact Us chatbot

Chatbot that assists you with dumping the deep rooted contact structures! Save your clients from the issue of exploring your site just to interface with you.

Get Subscribers chatbot

A Chatbot that assists you with getting more supporters without being excessively pushy. Interface with individuals easily and transform them into endorsers

Travel Chatbot

Do you own a hotel and want to re-engage existing customers by convincing them to reserve a room with you? So, here's a solution for you.

Book a Table Chatbot

Are you still taking orders from your customers the old-fashioned way? Is the procedure of taking orders consuming over half of your time?.

Education Chatbot

If you're in the educational industry, it's critical that you get your courses in front of the correct audienceWhy not use this chatbot template to produce more enrollments instead of guesswork?

Multispeciality Clinic chatbot

This is a pure appointment booking chatbot designed to help hospitals get more appointments.

Job Application Chatbot

Finding a job can be a difficult task. You'll have to sift through pages of listings or contact a number of people. Consider what a bot could accomplish for you.